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Thanks for the reply. That is a really cool device that I haven't seen before. The monoprice one has the bluetooth built into the volume switch I can put on the wall of my breezeway. Was wondering if anyone had any experience with that or something like it?
Hello all, I am looking at putting in a Zone 2 audio in my breezeway between my house and garage. I would like to get a volume switch that would also allow friends/family to plug, through bluetooth if possible, their phones in to play their own music as well. Right now my living room is running a Onkyo TX-NR515 which I was going to use the powered Zone 2 of to run the two Polk RC80i speakers. Monoprice has a volume control with bluetooth and analog ports:...
I contacted the retailer and unfortunately can not return the items. Any ideas on how I might be able to fix this?
Hello all, I just got a ProCinema 800 with a Onkyo TX-NR515 receiver. I got everything setup this morning, plugged in the ProSub 800 and it has a constant hum to it and the red light on the back never goes off no matter how long I leave it on for. According to the manual the red light should go off when it is not receiving input. The humming is constant and does not change at all. It happens no matter what the volume on the sub is set to and is constant with no input...
Hi all, Sorry if this has been answered before I tried searching for my answer before posting. I have to put my front Promonitor 800s in my bookshelves around my TV. What should the height clearance need to be between the top of the speaker and the shelf above it? The way the shelves are currently setup there is only about 1" or so. Thanks in advance!
Just purchased the HF1 thanks for your help!
Thanks for your suggestion! Does the HF1 come with straight and hover poles in the same box or are there different models numbers for each? I looked at various sellers and none specified if you get straight or hover.
Thanks for your reply! Something like the SANUS SYSTEMS BF-31B Wood Speaker Stands or Sanus HTB3 Tear Drop Home Theater/Box Speaker Stands? or is it worth shelling out the money and getting the Promount 600/800's?
Hello all, Can anyone recommend a decent pair of stands for promonitor 800's? I have a sectional couch that loops in a U shape and would like to place stands in the back two corners to hold the speakers. I know there are the promount 600/800's but they are some what expensive and are not adjustable. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
Thanks, do you think this might be overkill?The optical drive is for playing bluray discs.
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