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Yes, they helped a lot. Sound is more clear and defined. Like you mentioned the SPL went down about -4dB. Response is more even in the room. I'm really happy with this purchase. I will post some pictures as soon I get my Nikon camera back. Here some pictures with my iPhone.
If your budget for the projector is about $4000 then the Sony VPL-HW55ES is your best choice. I would match that projector with a Carada Criterion Series 118" Classic Cinema White ($940), so total is about $5000. You can get the 55ES for less than $4000 with Mike at AVS. If your budget is less than $5000 then wait for the new Sony VPL-HW40ES (
The problem with DI boxes (actives or passives) is that most of them have a FR of 20Hz - 20KHz so all content below 20Hz is missed. Same thing with the Radio Shack ground loop isolator.
OK so I always listen to music from my iMac which is plugged into my SR7008 thru HDMI input 6. When I listen to music I always set Dolby PL II Music as a sound mode, but today Dolby PL II Music disappeared and it's not available anymore for my iMac. It's available for all other sources but not for my computer. I tried a different HDMI input but as soon plug the computer Dolby PL II Music is disable. I did the same with my Mac Book Air with same results. Until yesterday...
Acoustic panel placing is not that critical. Just make sure you have enough panels to cover the size of your room. Check this from ATS Acoustics: Q: Where should I place the panels in the room? A: In general, where you place the panels in the room is not critical. A visually pleasant appearance is often the guiding factor in placement. The most important thing is simply to get the total square footage of panels into the room somewhere. No matter where you place them, the...
Thanks, Carlos. Next month I have the Parasound P5 and the Oppo 105D coming in. I think that's all for this year. I may jump into the Sony VPL-HW40ES if it gets good reviews, if not then I'll wait until next year to upgrade the projector with the 55ES instead.
Here is my favorite so far: I waited for some time for these cables to be available through Amazon because the local stereo store that carries them sells at List price and they refused to give me a 4 day vacation at DR Nights, a Dominican Republic sex resort where I wanted to request Jaqueline as my first 24hr girl. Honestly, they were all for it until I specified my companion preference. I began to suspect that the shop owner had reviewed the site and developed a fantasy...
Use a small flat screwdriver to pull out the rubber ring around the woofer, then you will see four screws with hex head. Pull out the driver is the hard part. There is a gasket between the driver and the cabinet that in my case was melted.
Just finished run Audyssey with the new ATS Acoustic panels. I'm in love with my LSiM speakers like never before. The improvement in sound is just Incredible. I will post pictures next week when I get my Nikon camera back. Here is a crappy pic with my iPhone from front stage: 10 panels total I have in the room. 5 panels are 4" bass traps with full range adsorption and 5 are 2" with adsorption for mid-high frequencies.
Yes you can mix and match both subwoofers but the output of the D15SE will be limited by the output of the 12" Rythmik. The D15SE has about +2dB more output than the 12" DIY Rythmik.
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