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Parasound Halo A31 unless you can afford 3 Halo JC1's! Dynaudio and Parasound Halo is a very good match. Another option is the Bryston 6BSST, but I prefer the Halo's over the Bryston. Bryston can be a bit dull or mello to my ears with Dynaudio's, very nice for a brighter sounding speaker, though.
ES-700 Monitor is $300 ES-700 Tower is $750
Attachment 194046 A little Dynaudio SR and Focus Center system for my boys Wii gaming system this Christmas. Couldn't wait till Christmas to install it.
LOL, I feel like I've been gone forever! I need to start paying more attention to the A/V forums again, but I've been so busy with our other company divisions as of late. Economy adjustment ya know..... I sure miss the A/V world, though.
How is everyone these days? I see my thread is still getting lot's of responses. :-)
Dealer and owner of both lines. Both are fantastic and I could easily live with either for life. That being said, Dynaudio to me serves my ears better.
LOL.......I took some time to play golf in the sun and lounge around and do basically nothing for a good month. Re-energized and ready to rock now!
Greetings, fellow Triad lovers. It's been a while since I've posted anything to our humble thread. But, it appears as usual, Paul is handling everyone's questions quite nicely. Looking forward to the release of the new OmniSubs Paul. I have a nice place to put one or two on display. I'll try and not stay away so long next time.
I highly recommend a sealed design speaker such as the Triad InWall Gold LCR's. The InWall version I am recommending is only 6" in depth to minimize space behind a screen. The InWall version also sounds exactly the same as it's InRoom counterpart. This speaker can be mounted InWall as well as OnWall. Super-flexible!!!!!! There are three versions of this speaker to help work with your desired pricerange. BTW, I not only sell/recommend this speaker, I also use this...
Yes, yes he is! Being in the custom world as we are. Over the years we've dabbled in both brands. RBH makes a very solid product and they overbuild their cabinets, which I like. To my ears though, I don't really prefer the relaxed nature or laziness to their sound. That's not a bad thing to some people, but I prefer a bit more energy from our speakers we use and recommend to our clients when used specifically for home theater. No other company on the planet offers the...
New Posts  All Forums: