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That question contains its own answer.
Samples from LPs are often used for their unique content, not for the crackly effect. Hey Venus by Super Furry Animals is another example.
Back in the days before CDs rendered vinyl permanently obsolete, I had a huge collection of LPs. Obviously, I have therefore really experienced vinyl. (The first time I heard a CD, I immediately sold all of those LPs, bought my first CD player, and started my CD collection. The superiority of the CD format is that obvious.)
Every word I write is 100% true. I don't give a damn what you believe or doubt. I have forgotten more about audio than you will ever know.
You are a funny guy. (Don't worry, I am not laughing with you, just at you.)
Hobby Lobby has tons of boxes, pedestals, and such in a variety of materials and finishes. Most of them are pretty cheap, too.
While I have heard some samples that are intentionallt crackly like that, the onews I was referring to are as clean as possible given the inherent limitation of coming from a vinyl record. Noise and distortion are unavoidable in that format.
Wow, you are deaf. Those would be excellent at 10X MSRP.
As I mentioned, almost any CD by The Orb will contain such samples.
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