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Pick me...Pick me...
1. 1-5 per month 2. Animation, Action 3. No
I truly enjoyed this...Thanks for sharing. WGBH is a local PBS channel to me. Interesting to see these gentlemen on a stage where the host was local. All the best... Tom
Adam...I'd have thought being from the farm you'd have said, "I will not UDDER that name ever again!"
Well I spent the day today moping around... I was ready to drive 9hrs one way this weekend to get it but got an email yesterday that it was already sold! UGH!!! Who on here got it??? Congrats to you, but I have to say...YOU SUCK!!! But you did get a killer deal for what was going to be my backup machine... The search continues..................................
All I can say is I've got a Runco DTV-1100 and coming from a G70 all I can say is WOW!!! Either one that you choose would be in the top ranks of the CRT world but as Ile said, the 909 parts are harder to find so keep that in mind. I wish I could find another one for backup. I wish you the best on your decision.
I was recently asked by a gentleman if there is a THX intro disc available with all of the various THX intros? Any info would be very helpful to me (both personally and professionally)...It was our CEO that asked me for this TIA Tom
Pics please...
I took my drivers test in one of these...I like to say it was British Racing Green in color. I liked that car even tho it was Dad's work car. Oh the memories...Oh the concerts I attended driving that car...
"Minty Tubes, Spot on gray scale, Low contrast, Minty Tubes" "Wait, you said minty tubes twice." "I LIKE minty tubes"
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