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You are correct.http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/080312/aqw506.html?.v=2
MOSCOW (AFP)--A Russian Proton-M rocket blasted off Saturday from Kazakhstan's Baikonur cosmodrome carrying a US communications satellite, but failed to put the satellite in its intended orbit, Russian space officials said. http://money.cnn.com/news/newsfeeds/...8_FORTUNE5.htm
All, A little update on my quest for the second box. I work in Manhattan so I went down to the East 23rd street store only to be told that they do not carry equipment for Staten Island. The following day I went down to the Richmond Ave store right here in SI and picked up the 8300HD with no problems. My Mitsubishi HC4900 with monster component cable looks simply amazing! Highly recommend getting this projector - SDTV on it looks much better then any LCD or projection TV.
Alas, this is laughter through tears...
Maybe instead of spending money on lawyers try to spend money on producing new content and spend time on negotiating deals with local cable carriers. Also, was searching the news and found this: http://www.gameindustry.com/ih/item.asp?id=1562
I think we sooner will get NASCAR track on Staten Island before we get a new HD channel on TWC. Isn't that the ultimate form of HD?
Hi, I guess that would depend on the tastes of the individual viewers. Still, as somebody who is considering a move to DISH I am curious to hear. Thanks, Lorus.
Here's a thought. If I was smart enough to find their office, I think I can find my way back and return the box if it does not work. In any case, when I plug in that wire into my SD tv I get the analog channels, so I am 99.99% confident that the box will work and I can install it myself.
What is this bull-@#$% about "not releasing the equipment"? I tried to add another HD DVR to my account and felt more then capable of hooking it up myself as my house is already wired. According to the customer service a technician has to come out for a fee of $30.00. Why is DirecTV capable of shipping boxes to their customers? I have now had it with TWC.
New Posts  All Forums: