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I'm currently using a cable similar to that. It looks like the docking station is the best solution, even the manual talks about it. I'll look into it. Thanks.
Now I tried using the V/Aux jacks on the front of the receiver. I got sound but it's still not nearly as loud as a cd player would be at that same volume level. Kinda wimpy.
Doesn't seem to make a difference.
Okay I'm trying to get some volume going. Volume is extremely, whisper soft right now so something ain't quite right. I'm working with the Denon AVR-591 receiver. I've tried plugging the iPod cord into Dock on the back of the receiver and then choosing source Dock but very little volume. I've also tried plugging it into Sat/Cab with no sound there. There does not appear to be an Aux input on the back of this receiver either. What am I doing wrong?
I used Leawo Blu-ray Ripper to rip You've Got Mail to my hard drive and then I used iTunes to transfer the movie to my iPod. Only thing though is the movie is not widescreen. I was wondering if there is a way to make the movie widescreen with black bars on top and bottom. That's what I prefer. I do have some tools on hand, like Adobe Premiere Elements and VideoPad Video Editor. Just wondering if anybody knows anything about this?
Oh I found a Wikipedia article that is more helpful.
I haven't a clue how to use this Clown program. Haven't found a video on YouTube that's understandable yet.
ImgBurn? Mmmm...I just removed that program from my computer cuz when I tried to burn an .iso it completely bogged down my system for some reason. Almost virus like activity, although I don't think it was. Maybe it's not compatible with Win 7?
I plan on playing it on my Blu-ray Player. I'll look into that Clown thing.
I've got a Blu-ray with two movies on it and I'd like to just isolate one of the movies (Desperado) and burn that to a blank disc. After I rip the disc to my hard drive do I just choose the largest file and place that on the blank disc?
New Posts  All Forums: