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de8212, "Initially I thought that I may need to add a wireless adapter to be able to use the Chromecase but following a short research I found the following workaround: Pick any wireless device (Android phone / laptop / etc) and visit http://www.google.com/chromecast/setup Follow the instructions to set up the device On your wired desktop install the chrome extension from the following address...
OK I'll try that. But I don't want center below 100hz right?What about the knob on the powered sub? It ranges from 40-120hz and I've always had it on 120hz.
So on the mini monitors (if correct, I shouldn't go below 63hz, which options are 60 or 80 or higher so set to 80), on rears, i shouldn't go below 50hz, so set to 60hz. and center should set at 100hz?
What do you mean by no lower than -3db point? There is no small btw for front and rear. There are only frequencies for Front L/R and Rear L/R. Though I can't confirm specs as I don't have manual, I think Paradigm mini monitors show freq response 63Hz-20kHz, rated at 88dB with impedance of 8 ohms. New models say "crossover: 2nd-order electro-acoustic at 2.0 kHz". where do i set? The center channel says 100hz-20khz, 8 ohm, 93dB, not sure of crossover frequency. I've...
Frequency response on the center says 100Hz-20kHz. So what does changing it from 150 to 100 do for me?And do I leave the sub at L/R + LFE? is that just saying base goes to sub and front L/R speakers?Also not sure why the fronts would be set to large. They are small bookshelf speakers.
I did that at first. It set everything to Large Front L/R: Large Center: 150Hz crossover Surround L/R: Large Sub Size: Present Sub mode: L/R + LFE and my sub knob is all the way to 120Hz
All these posts about crossover got me thinking about my setup. I never did (and still don't) understand crossover settings. I have a 2600 with cheap Cerwin-Vega Ls-6 rears, Paradigm CC-370 v.2 center, Paradigm Mini Monitor v.2 fronts, and an old Cerwin Vega LW-12 powered subwoofer with crossover freq knob from 40-120Hz. How do I go about setting my system up properly?
I'd be interested in people's thoughts on these questions as well. I currently have an HK AVR2600. I really like the Marantz 5008, but I don't know that differences justify upgrading my receiver. I have HDMI switching now, only use 5.1 setup, have Paradigm Center/Fronts. Like OP, I use AVR for mostly TV/Movies. Some music, but not much. I've heard Marantz is great for music, but not my main use.
How about hk2600 to 5008?
Also eyeing the 5008. Anyone know best place to purchase (pricing)?
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