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Any box on the Fios cable needs to be provisioned on a certain account. This is so you can't get 'free' cable that way. The only thing that you can do 'free' is to hook up your digital TV directly and tune in for the free QEM channels - usually you get what is Free to Air in your area.
Digital Coax doesn't carry the SACD. It could, but Sony decided that not secure enough. Read the manual. You can connect only the player Analog Outs to your Amp. They are not bad at all...
Actually is a perfect example of wishful thinking. A bunch of kids jumped to same conclusion like you - same laser means same results. No need for error correction, no need for mechanical jitter correction...If you read the 7700 posts thread there on the DIY, you will find out that none of the guys there share your conviction, that's why they BUILD their own players - otherwise they would use the cited Shiga Boombox as-is.Of course the optical pick-ups today are the same...
Again with insults. Sure that denotes that you have plenty of logical arguments.
There are here a bunch of people that have the impression that ganging up on others makes them right. Calling names (like trolls) is reserved just from them to others.For example jitter means nothing for them, any CD spinner is the same for them, any crappy AVR is great, every POS that Walmart puts on shelf (designed primarily to be cheap) sounds the same like one that was designed specifically for audio quality... because they refuse to listen. They switch furiously...
Use the Stereo Mix output and you won't loose any information when playing 5.1 formats.
For the DVD-2930? GEN8283-F_A15_DVD2930CI_2930.zip Inside, a folder named DVD_2930 containing the file named D293SAVD.ROM But... it comes with an EULA that says it a trade secret and enforces a NDA - prohibits me from transferring it. For the DVD-3930 I don't have an updated firmware.
Sure, because he managed to be both.They are all hypothesis. They are all NOT PROVEN (the way you require others to prove their affirmations).You just call 'positive' the ones that you agree with (so you don't have to prove them) and 'negative' the ones that you don't (so you can dismiss them). Just a fake argument.
I would vote for the HHB recorder, but I have no hard data to back it up, except that it was a more audio-oriented device at the time than the 'jack of all trades' Onkyo receiver. However, don't use the 'stereo' inputs of your receiver, it will convert the analog signal to digital and back to analog (for sound processing purposes like Audyssey or crossover) - it will be worse case scenario. In order to use the 'clean' HBB analog output, you HAVE to connect it via...
Instead of using the crippled WMP, try foobar2000 with the UPnP/DLNA Renderer, Server, Control Point component.
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