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Any Delta-Sigma DAC chip does that natively, and even better, with multi level DSD.
You can try to clean it first - if you smoke inside the house.Otherwise, is the usual cheap laser going bad. The old CD players have lasers that lasted until now (some 50,000 hours MTBF). In my experience the newer universal DVD/CD players have lasers that might last just a few hundred hours of use.Heat is the worse enemy. Using the player in an enclosure without ventilation or above a heat-generating device will shorten the life:
I didn't buy your unit EXACTLY because you retired the support for QAM.Is not illegal to record the un-encrypted channels that I have paid subscription. Cox and Verizon FiOS are sending the local channels unencrypted. If they choose to encrypt those channels in the future (as allowed by 2012 FCC ruling) it will be between them and me, nothing to do with your support.Also, all the existing TV's have QAM enabled - one user can scan the channels with their TV in order to...
You are a minority here. Others prefer just to spam this forum with baseless opinions instead of just listening.I have bought a PS1 like that in the story, just for curiosity (local thrift store), and it had nothing to impress.The myth of PS1 great quality is just that. People are always inclined to believe in bargains. That's why this PS1 legend perpetuate, and that's why the email spamming is still lucrative - there are always people that would believe in the 'to good to...
Grado SR60i. Those are my favorite headphones too.I own also Audio-Technica ATH-909 and ATH-M2X (computer use).
There is no direct equivalent. Audio quality wise, the 3808 is similar with the X4000.
Measurements can tell A LOT about how the equipment will sound. BUT they need to be done/verified by a third party (some manufacturers like to embellish the datasheet) and need to be interpreted by somebody that knows more that '32 bits are more than 24 bits therefore... more is better'. The interpreting factor is where measurements don't correlate. Some people like to think that they are good at reading data, but they have no formal training in the field. When their...
Try a dedicated CD player (old ones where build just with one purpose - sound reproduction) and you will be more amazed. Not the same case with the newer do-it-all cheap devices.
All the providers are obligated to support Cable Card (by FCC). They just don't like to advertise it
Like I said, I use the HD Prime tuner and a Cable Card. For $5 a month I have 3 channels (HD/SD) available all the time in my network. Don't have a box from FiOS at all.
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