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Why do you care? I thought that they are all 'great' this days...
So the goo ends up on tape? Messing the contact with the heads? Possible dissolving the tape magnetic layer in time, while being stored? No, I never saw that... probably it was something experimental in beginning, before they had Teflon coatings.
@67 Jason: For me that means WHATEVER. Includes any Wallyworld crap like I said. Gosh... some cannot read.And your 'god' Arnyk said something identical, I am just too lazy to look for it.PS: Amplifier Output Details: 32 Watt - 4 Ohm - at 1 kHz - THD 10% - 4 channel(s) ( surround ) ¦ 32 Watt - 4 Ohm - at 1 kHz - THD 10% - 1 channel(s) ( center ) ¦ 40 Watt - 3 Ohm - at 100 Hz - THD 10% - 1 channel(s) ( subwoofer )
You won't find any help on this site. It was hijacked by a bunch of people that will say that everything sounds the same, no need to buy nothing - except a Walmart Bluray player and the cheapest AVR.
Keep dreaming...
Write to Denon US an email, I did and they did send me a CD-R for my DVD-2930.
What 'standards' are you talking about?'Peer' in your acceptation means only who is agreeing with you.
That's not 'the truth', it is just a hypothesis/belief. Nobody did prove it.Typically, a scientist devises a hypothesis and then sees if it ``holds water'' by testing it against available data (obtained from previous experiments and observations). If the hypothesis does hold water, the scientist declares it to be a theory.You forgot to take your sarcasm-awareness pill today?
I said many times that I did tests. You just choose to ignore that and insult me. Because calling names is what every 'scientist' does...Oh, and if you say that my tests are not done correctly (because you cannot believe that I can listen with eyes closed), then you do the tests. Oh, wait that's not acceptable to your buddy (arnyk) - he said that he cannot prove the 'negative'. Of course that a flat-out lie, but hey, anything goes here.What's your documentation? A bunch of...
New Posts  All Forums: