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New firmware was just installed fixed the issue.
lllsondowlll- The same thing is happening to me. Everytime I uncheck my IT Content box in my Intel HD GRaphics it shocks the TV, like you said it would and I am able to choose 3D at that point, but when I turn the tv off/on to restore the picture it reverts back to ITC being checked again. Any suggestions? This is driving me crazy. Thanks
Oh they will re-release it alright. Then not release it for 12 years. Then re-release it again. Then not release it for...
I've run into a problem and wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions on how to solve it. Couple days ago I downloaded the new Windows 8 preview and everything has been working fine. I went to watch a movie last night and the Dune says No Media on one of the shares located in one of my externals that houses my movies. Can't figure out the problem. I have 3 externals connected to my main computer. One for Blu-iso's (this one works fine), one for TV shows (This one works...
Woot has it today. http://sellout.woot.com/sale/22834
I'd like to see the settings...thanks!
They seem to have fixed the DVD ISO audio drop outs with the new beta firmware. I tried a couple, that gave me problems, last night and they worked perfectly.
Thank you sir!
Can anyone tell me if the Dune has a preview mode? I'm coming from an Xtreamer, where if you are scrolling through a list of tv episodes it would show you several minutes, off to the side, of the show. I liked that feature because I didn't actually have to open the file, find out that I've already seen that episode, then back out and play a different file. thanks!
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