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DVI = No Audio HDMI = DVI w/extra connects for audio Some video cards *DO* have extra pins added to their DVI port to support audio output to a display device with an HDMI input, but they can only be used with a specialized DVI-HDMI adapter from the card manufacturer. And even then, most did not have their own audio controller until recently.
Have you tried powering the PS3 completely off (via the switch in the back)?
I'd love to hear some opinions on the quality of the video processor on the 3900, specifically its deinterlacing and upscaling quality. Also, for those running game consoles through the 3900, does using the video processor introduce any noticible input lag?
Has it actuall been confirmed that they are using the ABT 2010?
Studdad gave you several suggestions on how to reduce/minimize the grain. Try them out and report back. What you are seeing is in the source material you are viewing, and it will always be there to some degree. In my experience, the culprit emphasizing the grain is usually a combination of using Dynamic Contrast with high backlight, regular contrast, and Gamma settings.
Just out of curiosity, could you try it out in "Cinema" mode (its in the same menu set as "Game" mode). It *seems* to feel more responsive to me, but it could just be my mind playing tricks on me. I agree that the current settings for game mode are terrible, considering what this set is capable of.
Honest opinion? Very slim. I have never seen a flat panel LCD screen without *some* issue, whether it be black light bleeding, screen uniformity, or both. There are definitely levels of severity on either end, but none are perfect.
His posts about its quality is what got me interested in the set in the first place. Being a die hard Sony and Pioneer customer, the thought never crossed my mind that Samsung had ascended from Walmart "B-brand" to the A-list of display gear.
Took charge of my new LN52A750 yesterday from Amazon, which is replacing a 42" Sony A10. Ordered on the 21st. Couldn't be happier with the turnaround time or the condition of the item. I demoed this unit along with a few others at CC and BB prior to purchasing online. So far, my experience has been excellent. I love the set, and it looks even better in the house than it did at either store. The blacks are excellent for an LCD, and the picture is very natural looking...
Very excited about the 3900. Its the first receiver I've seen that seems to have everything I'm looking for without any compromises.
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