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Ahhh...Its the old Jvc (pioneer) optics caused interesting issues with all optical screens. JVC has resolved that issue.
Soon, like two or three weeks.
Wewe build and ship most screens within 2 weeks of order or less. Shipping a zero to Australia simply takes a while. Feel free to email the factory and we can track the order for you.
We have loaded new videos on the web site. The Pure Zero Edge video actually shows off the led lights in the video the best.
All Black Diamond materials are rated at 4K. You can do one of the new JVC e-Shift projectors in both 4K mode and 3D mode on all of our BD materials. We have a video with myself and Dan from JVC showing the JVC and BD together.
Black Diamond .8 and 1.4 work great with the Panasonic 7000 in 3D.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jim Parys Can anyone tell me how far off the wall the bd G3 ref screens sticks out? I will be doing a flush mount. an 1 1/2 inch is how far off the wall or about 2 fingers thick. We also have a wire hanging system.
You have no idea how our screen works so please stop posting that you do.
Quote: Originally Posted by ParanoidDroid Sorry, that's what I meant. I know 110 inches reference would be 110 zero. Just wondering if 110 reference was the max in my room, what would be the max zero edge. Looking like 116 inches, right? I noticed the largest they go for reference is 113 inches in a 16x9. Will this hold true for the zero edge? Zero Edge is now on the screen calculator. The calculator will give you sizes in 1" increments in...
All the issues we had with Black Diamond motorized that kept us from shipping were fixed in the first prototype of Black Diamond stealth. This product works and will ship in Spring 2012.
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