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bein has been agressive having won the rights to broadcast the spanish league. i wouldn't be surprised if they won the rights to the english premiere league.
u still have those for sale?
my impression was when the app was first released. i noticed the regionals after i downloaded the app to my ipad.
its also available for android phones.
those are awesome speakers. had a pair once upon a time. too bad you live in new york and i am in florida!
quality still beats quantity! :-)you forgot we got mlb strike zone too, probably before you did but not sure.
i know but my satellite friends would say the same about cable subscribers. its whatever makes you happy.but it is a fantastic day for you folks who never gave up hope. last nights game was a snoozer, unless you are a giants fan. i assume you will be able to watch next weeks game and red zone this sunday if you have sports pass!
congrats, its long overdue.but i still prefer directv over cable!
sorry i will always take directv over brighthouse any day of the week. your picture quality is horrible, your technical service (for the most part) is terrible. truthfully, i don't care if we don't add 50 hd channels a year. i'll still take the picture quality any day of the week. speaking of rain storms, if your dish is correctly alligned, it takes tropical storm force rain to make the picture go out. i'm really tired of hearing that as an excuse. you don't have to like...
you might have had a dish alignment problem. i rarely lose my signal. it has to be pouring. however, when my dish has been out of alignment, i would lose my signal in a drizzle...big difference.
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