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actually, directv has plenty more to offer. all of their programming is in mpeg4, they have many of their movies in 1080p, they have almost all of the regional sports networks so they can truly show dual feeds for all professional sports, they have nascar hotpass, and they have all of golf and tennis majors mix channels for the first week of the event.
yup, it should mean no galaxy or laker games, unless you have the appropriate sports subscription!
don't suppose you or mr nayan has verizon for your cell phone provider?
unless a federal mediator steps in, i don't expect time warner to ever make a deal with the nfl. but hey, if they want to spend millions of dollars to outbid directv over sunday ticket rights, let them try!
and what time warner failed to say was the nfl offered them a years extension at the same cost for the insight customers and time warner said no.
at this point in time, i put the blame on time warner. all of the other major cable companies have reached and renogtiated deals. i tend to agree that they want sunday ticket. quite frankly, i don't see dtv giving that up anytime soon!
again, i read peter king's column in sports illustrated dated aug 20. he quotes an nfl media official who confirms they are not talking to time warner right now. at this point in time, i believe it is going to take diving intervention to get anything done this season, let alone in the next few weeks.i'll say it again but i really don't understand twc's position right now. i had a course in labor law in college so i somewhat understand the give and take of contract...
maybe if more people bolted, twc would get the message! until then, it will take divine intervention.
my understanding is that the twc channels in southern california don't go live until october!
improved picture quality :-)
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