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Taken! On its way to a new home where it will run, jump and play again! Take good care of 'er, Dave.
No one else was interested so it's yours! PM me where to send it and I'll tell you what the shipping charges will be. Though I may not get to packing and weighing it until Monday.
I have a Sony SATW60 in good working order that was retired a few years ago. It has 2 good, original tuners and an upgraded 160GB HD, with remote and keyboard. And I think it still has the final season of "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" recorded on it. After it having been such a faithful companion and servant for so long I can't bear to see it just laying there, dying in a heap of dust. So if anyone wants it, and will promise to take it on walks and let it run...
A link back to that other thread would have been nice for those of us finding this via Google over 2 years later. This thread came up at the very top of the Google results but provides no useful information.
Where would I find the firmware update and how to install it?
Has anyone ever gotten the Yamaha RX-V2700 (or similar) to work with the TVersity streaming media server? My RX-V2700 will see WMP 11 or Twonky but not the TVersity server. I'd appreciate any advice anyone might have. TIA
Has anyone ever gotten the 2700 to work with the TVersity Streaming Media Server?
I got mine at Circuit City for ~$99. I don't know if they still sell new 3 LNB dishes though.
You can gang multi-switches? Really? Can I rip up all the cables under my carpet and just leave one from the dish, then have a multi switch inside near my two DVRs?
The installer didn't actually do or hook up anything inside the house. The Kb converters were on the HR21 when I bought it. I basically swapped the HD DVR in place of a pre-existing standard (R-15?) D* DVR. Both worked for a week or so still hooked up to the old 3 LNB dish, but I couldn't get the HD locals and various other HD channels. The installer simply removed the old dish, mounted the new dish and hooked my 4 cables up to prewired pig-tails coming from the new...
New Posts  All Forums: