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would you be kind.enough to provide a link to that thread? i have not come across it in my searches.and fwiw i was simply qouting duneplayer.com (only place to get these in the US that I know of) that says "no blu-ray iso support or blu-ray menu support".
I am anxious to read some user experiences with the new Dune HD TV 101 and Dune HD TV 301 units. These look like a nice solution as long as you don't care about bluray ISO support. As long as these units run well I will seriously consider buying one.
Is your firmware up to date? I haven't heard of SACD audio drop outs since a firmware update fixed the problem several months ago.
Call them back and talk to the supervisor yourself. I don't think what they're doing is legal and if you personally press him and threaten to go to the BBB or better yet Attorney General he'll probably give in. Persistence is the name of the game when dealing with ****** companies. They want you to give up.
I would tell them that you will be contacting the Better Businesss Bureau unless they let you pay the sane price using another cc. I don't believe they can simply refuse you that price because they're experiencing technical difficulties with what was a legitimate means of payment when you made and they confirmed your order. Ask to talk to a supervisor if you have to. Just be persistent.
The energy logo had to be put on by the user on the LCR. They did it this way so you could orient the speaker either way and still have the logo horizontal.
I see. So it sounds like the problem isn't with the oppo receiving 24 bit LPCM. That confuses me. I guess nobody has been able to figure out how to properly transcode to 24 bit LPCM on the fly?
Interesting, I missed that. Are the .vob files transcoded to 24/96 LPCM or is it sent to the oppo in a different format?
That is not using DLNA technology. Over the course of this thread it has come up several times. I've been paying close attention because I too would like to stream my files without losing the 24 bit resolution. Unfortunately none of the DLNA application developers have been able to get 24 bit streaming to work with the bdp-83, or the oppo cannot accept 24 bit LPCM using DLNA. Draw your own conclusions.
Set max bits to 16 so that 24 bit files will be sent to the oppo as 16 bits. The BDP-83 cannot accept 24 bit LPCM so you need to have foobar transcode the 24 bit files to 16 bit LPCM. You're hearing static because foobar is sending 24 bit LPCM.
New Posts  All Forums: