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I've also discovered some depressions in the top edge of my rear cover. Mine looks like someone leaned on the upper left corner (when viewed from the rear) during assembly or packing and created a depression. It almost looks like I could pop it out if I removed the cover. My shipping carton was also undamaged. Apparently you can order a new rear cover from Sony for $63 + shipping https://www.servicesplus.sel.sony.com/sony-part-number-443772001.aspx . It looks fairly easy...
I also picked up a W900A at a local NJ Best Buy for $1599.99 using a price match! What an amazing deal and what an impressive TV! The picture quality is amazing right out of the box. When we turned it on for the first time, my wife and I had the same reaction. It was something like, "holy sh$t, look at that picture"! We upgraded from an older 50" Sony 720p LCD. Although I won't use it much, the 3D is also amazing.I'm waiting for the Disney WOW disc to arrive from Amazon....
Can someone tell me what the default setting is for Motionflow. I am in the following menu navigation: Scene select = Auto Picture Adjustments Motionflow I think tHe default was either Standard or Off. I had changed it without noting the default/factory setting. I don't want to set everything back to defaults. Would be nice if the default was bold or capitalized. Thanks, John
Looks sweet on that Polish site. That price will definitely need to come down though before I'll bite on this one. When is Sony going to learn that they can't keep trying to get a premium price for their TV's in such a competitive market. Samsung will contiue to kick their butts until someone in their marketing department sees the light.
I though it would be a good time to start a new thread for this 2013 Sony model. It looks like the release of the 2013 Sony KDL-55W900A will be happening soon. I noticed that B&H Photo has a page for it on their web site as of today (2/17/2013). They are showing it as not available yet, but have it priced at $2798. Sony also has it up on their Sony Store site as "Coming Soon" but with no price. Below are a few links to some information on this new 2013...
Joki,My files are also .mts. I ended up buying a WDTV LIVE streaming device. I can now stream my AVCHD files with NO conversion from my Win7 PC. My BD670 is no longer in the streaming path. The WDTV LIVE probably has the ability to handle more types of video files than any under $100 streaming device currently on the market. The HD video quality is just as good as playing it straight from the camera! Well worth the $.John
Anyone able to stream AVCHD video (1920x1080i, 24 mbps) using the BD670. I just bought a Canon Vixia HD Camcorder which records AVCHD at 1920x1080i, 60fps at it's highest quality setting. After I copy the video to a Win7 PC and then try to stream it from the PC through the BD670 to my TV, I get a "Video Resolution Not Supported" error when I click on the video clip icon using the BD670 "Movie" menu. I am able to successfully stream 720P security camera video from the same...
What version # is the update??
DevonS, The 609 does not do s-video. You need to step up to the 709/370 to get s-video inputs (on back of receiver).
Check out the Netgear WNCE3001 wireless bridge. It will use your Ethernet port on the back of the receiver and leave your front usb port open for an ipod. I have one on my 609.
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