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Hi Mark, The problem retailers have in VIC is lack of stock and when I can find a retailer who carriers Halcro, they do not carry Lexicon. The Martin Logan speakers I am already sold on, as I love the transparency of the fronts and centre channel (plus I can't afford Krell speakers). I am very keen to see reviews in leading international magazines, but nothing seems to be coming through. I am being told on the one hand to consider the reputation of Lexicon and the $$$...
I am at the point of purchase and need to decide between the Lexicon MC8 and LX7 combo or Halcro SSP80 and MC70. I have heard both and both impress me, but can find no one who sells both to compare in one location. I will be using in a dedicated home theatre, so while I may listen to some music, movies are my passion. I will be using Martin Logan Ascent i for the fronts, Martin Logan Theatre for centre and Martin Logan Passage for rears. Anyone care to offer their opinon.
Quote: Originally Posted by DocDVD Barry- No, Room EQ or Correction, just levels & distance. Vinci Labs says this on their agenda, but no ETA as of late. Hey DocDVD, Condolences on the recent loss. I have just signed up, but have been watching this forum for a while. Any chance you will have that review finished soon? Will there be any mention of the SSP80 in there too, as this is more affordable for me. I am tossing up the SSP80 and...
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