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I'm using the 4" Precision Port with the same woofer and haven't experienced any port noise, but I guess the 6" would be ideal to reduce port compression (I couldn't find 6" sonotube/PVC) anywhere.
What about a slot port?
http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showd...number=260-430 That looks pretty much exactly the same as the SVS grill.
Doesn't doubling of the cone area usually yield a 6db increase, while doubling the power only yields a 3db increase?
http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showd...number=295-468 That's $140 with free shipping, doesn't seem to be stretching the budget too much.
What happened to that guy that was having an 18" custom made?
Here's the email that I received back from them when inquiring about cheaper shipping: Thank you for contacting Parts Express! Although this type of shipping isn't standard, we can ship small items (valued less than $13) in a bubble envelope via First Class Mail. The shipping cost would include our $.99 handling fee for an estimated total of $3.50. Please specify this request while placing the order. Thank you so much for your business! Please let me know if I can...
If you send them an email, they can mail the item to you in a padded envelope for a little cheaper.
Haha actually it's +6db, so that would mean 132db theoretically.
Maybe you can just mount it sideways, I can't think of any negatives to doing that besides asthetics.
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