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It is unclear if they will admit or fix the problem. If the set isn't compelling enough for you as-is, I'd pass. One thing I would suggest is to go to a store and ask them to play a 24p source with CS enabled. That way you can determine for yourself if you deem this feature unusable. -john
Actually, if you cannot adjust you picture at all, it seems like you have a concrete problem for Samsung to fix. -john
I should point out that this is the same for most everyone AFAIK. Basically switching sources while CS is engaged doesn't fix anything. But the CS problem doesn't seem to go away after you turn CS off until you switch sources.I assume you mean when CS is enabled, not just when getting a 24p source.This is definitely different that my set.This is different as well. What firmware level you running? Build date? -john
Out of curiosity, anyone compare the other movie modes? Maybe they effect the settings as well? -john
I wonder why. With 1:1 pixels and digital data delivery and progressive scan I don't see these sets shouldn't look like a rock when displaying a static image? -john
For kicks, I looked at the screen with CS *disabled* but with gama at +3. While it didn't look quite like the CS picture (with gama at 0), it seems like there is a bit of noise. It makes you wonder if the noise is always there, but CS makes it more noticeable.OK, I added two video clips to the bottom of this page. These aren't quite as controlled -- no manual controls on this camera and because of the mismatch between the speed of the noise/image and the speed of the...
OK, I'm a total bozo. I indicated I couldn't reproduce the problem anymore. Well, I *thought* I was using CS, but somehow it was turned off. Doh! OK, using the guidelines Citivas mentioned about reproduction, my normal settings, I was easily able to reproduce. 1) Turn off CS. 2) Switch to alternate non 24p source. 3) Switch back to Blu Ray source. 4) Play disc, pause. Problem is not not present. 5) Turn on CS. Still on pause. Problem present. 6) Per suggestion,...
Yah, will do when I get a chance.Heh. Sorry, wrong coast! A bit too much work. :-)It shouldn't be that difficult. The key is to set the camera in manual mode so the exposures are the same each time so we can compare before and after brightness. I think I've seen noted here that an exposure about 2 seconds tends to be good. Just set the exposure to 2 seconds then adjust the aperture until you get a good picture. I think the D70 will have a little meter in the...
Yah, I'm taking it with a grain of salt as well. I do get the impression there are two types of buzz and it isn't clear that the "fix" addresses both. In addition, it doesn't appear that the problem isn't well known, or at least well admitted within Samsung, which isn't helpful since even if there was a fix, it doesn't help anybody if they are denied the fix. -john
If think if we can offer a foolproof demonstration and quantification of the problem we have a much better chance getting it resolved. If I can get a good test case, I'm willing to photograph. -john
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