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John Williams Query Solved tvpaint has verified what I've believed all along, sortof. While I thought it was a special studio recording session, it was actually a custom remix, specifically for NBC. I suspect that it will never be released. Thanks tvpaint for the info.
It is because of this crap that we are so far behind other countries in getting afforable, high bandwidth, internet to the masses. I have horrible DSL, compared to my friend who lives in another area of town and who has FTTH. He has so much bandwith it isn't funny. He even gets it cheaper as he happens to work for the company that provides it. Me, I live in crappy AT&T territory. For cable internet it is Charter. Insult and injury.
Not it. PM will be sent.
The commercial load is indeed horrible. And most definitely the fact that the same damn commercials are being shown over and over doesn't help the situation.The babysitter asking for $60 over and over and over is getting annoying.
That decision pisses me off as I enjoy(ed) this series. Some threads were closed, with others left open.
The bits of the Olympic Fanfare and Theme that is heard during openings and the longer end that closes primetime, is the material that I have of the complete piece used for the 1992 closing credits.
[quote name="HislonV" url="/t/1514166/2014-sochi-winter-olympics-on-nbc-general-comments-thread/150#post_24353934"It is quite possible that someone at NBC edited a recording to a desired time and that is why they don't match what you have.[/quote]It isn't time. It is two separate recording sessions.I believe I compared what I have with that version and it did not match. The work I think you are mentioning is the one listed in this website quote:That means it could not be...
The bridge to nowhere in Alaska.
Need help tracking down John Williams commercial release I've been trying to track down the version of John Williams' Olympic Fanfare and Theme since the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Yes, for almost 22 years. You can hear pieces of the theme during NBC's current primetime presentation. That got me thinking again about trying to track this particular version down. Back in 1992 I recorded the NBC coverage on Umatic tape, not VHS. The stereo audio was put onto the tape...
I most certainly don't. When the Olympics were in Vancouver, I searched for CTV feeds as I did not want to watch the stuff that NBC provided. Unfortunately this time around, CBC has the Olympics and they are encrypted, which has pissed off many Canadians because their tax $$$ pay for CBC, yet can't watch the feeds on their BUDs.Unfortunately, I'm stuck with what NBC provides during primetime. The NBCSN feed is encrypted (not a surprise).
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