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How about a Harmony remote?
Gotta ask, why have you preferred external amplification?
I hooked up a seperate Amp for the front speakers. The RXA-2000 before when powering my Goldenear Tritons & Aon3's got pretty warm and sounded good but the receiver definitly was straining. Since hooking up the seperate amp the receiver seems to kick into hyper mode. Yammy just powering the center and surrounds, and with the seperate amp controlling the fronts, WOW!! Metallica Blu-Ray in DTS-HD, Spectacular. New amp is a used Bryston4B ST 300 watts a channel. The Triton...
When will GE update their website with the new components? FF5, SS60?
You can have any color you want, as long as it is black...I have the AON 3's on the wall for surrounds. They sound just fine. Would like to be able to tilt them in to the listening area more though.
Just added a Bryston 4B SST to my Yammy 2000 to cover the front speakers. First of all, the Yamaha is running alot cooler, it's not having to push all those low Hz. The Bryston is hitting the lows so hard and solid, the floor shakes. The highs are crisp and fluid. Midrange (which I love to hear) have come more out to the forefront. Not always looking to play it loud, but the GoldeEar Triton Two's will definitely take the pounding. Thanks Sandy!!!!!!!!!
It seems as though you dropped a few pennies into some great speakers. Get away from the receiver. Go multi channel amp, with a pre amp and stay the course. If you do decide to stay with the receiver, personally I would stay away from the NAD. Never have liked them, always thought the Yammy's were better.
I have the Triton Two's as fronts, A 50C center and Aon 3's as surrounds. The Aon's in the rear add that exceptional sound quality I get from the Triton's. My choice would be for you to try the Aon 2's..... Rear surrounds: Just slightly behind the listener and above ear level
Triton twos here, Supersat 50C, and Aon3's for surrounds. System sounds superb... 121212 Sandy concert fundraiser "Pink Floyd ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
New panny is home,and The RCA has got to go. Who wants to haul it away........
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