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I said the exact same thing when "The Shield" was coming to an end...except the new show then on the horizon was "Justified". Here's to hoping FX will have something just as awesome ready to launch when Raylan hangs up his hat next year.
It MIGHT be worth a Redbox if you have nothing else to do with that $1.50.Arnold looks good physically in the movie and it isn't hard to buy what you see him do. Obviously no one over 60 would be a tactical team leader in the field doing what they do in this movie, but he doesn't really look that out of place, so it didn't take me out of the role so-to-speak.I would LOVE to see Arnold have a role like Sly did in "Cop Land". I really think he has the ability to pull a...
Lots of angry sex to say the least;)
That was assumed on my end Vision, but I should have stated that openly. My bad.
Count me in the quasi-frustrated crowd. I wanted there to be some definitive visual evidence/discussion as to what and who was on the grill dang it!!! Obviously they are a group of former meat vendors as they are not only BBQ-ing their brisket but also curing and jerking it too. For all the graphic novel experts out there...does this jive with what you expected or are we in uncharted territory?
I feel compelled as a fan of the '80s action-men to at least acknowledge the epic-fail of my once-upon-a-time movie idol Arnold. "Sabotage" did a whopping $1.83 million on opening night and $5.2 million overall. Literally his worst opening ever. In all honesty I saw the movie with a couple friends and our boys. We all really enjoyed "Escape Plan" last year so we had hope! I am in no way one to take issue with language or violence in movies, so while I wasn't bothered...
This show is so good, and this story-line this week (as well as what led up to it), are top-notch spy-gasm stuff. I really enjoy the longer drawn out stories that require investment to get into. They are SO much more rewarding when payday comes! Unfortunately that isn't exactly the trend TV companies go for when it doesn't result in huge ratings each week. I really hope FX does what they usually do and continue to put on a phenomenal show that is as high-quality...
I am starting to wonder if someone MUCH smarter than myself can come up with an algorithm for a show's success based on the number of posts from the members in its' forum and their respective career posting totals. In other words, almost all of my favorite AVS-ers are active in this thread and it continues to show how truly great 'Justified' really is! I, for one, really hope they don't kill-off Darryl (or any of his other brothers residing in a hotel run by a kindly...
But at least with this new season you can track the 12-steps with that handy clock on the screen to guide you:-)
I've waited three hours...what's the punchline?!?!?On the topic...I think we all concur this storyline would put new life into the show and really refuel it for the final push toward the end of the series. It would be hard to swallow if they really cleaned and cooked Beth...but it would definitely add a whole new dimension to the threat-matrix in the show's world.
New Posts  All Forums: