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What if you ask Walmart to do a price match? Hopefully they will match it at retail of $499.
The HD boxes from Oceanic do have component outputs, along with left and right analog audio, as well as digital outputs (coax and optical). Looks like your HD monitor has 2 component input connections. I have the HD SA8300 DVR box. At first, I used the HDMI input and luckily, I did not have any problems. Now, I am using component outputs. My HD display only has 1 HDMI input. I put my dvd player on the HDMI instead. I never did try OTA, so I cannot comment on that.
Technically, it should not make a difference in sound quality. I have tried both connections and could not tell...let your ears decide. I chose the digital audio out, because unlike the optical, it is not suseptable to sharp bends. In other words, you need to be careful when routing the optical cable.
This sounds like the "smudges problem" that are known with some HLP models. These smudges are caused by the bending movement of the screen, that changes with temperature. The smudges are located in between the screen of two layers. Samsung is aware of this and is replacing the screens under warranty. Samsung has it posted on their website under the support/FAQ's section. Looks like you have the BB warranty, which is a good thing if it's past the 1 year Samsung warranty...
Right now, I beleive you can't change the activities icons. I think (or at least I hope) Logitech has it on their list of things to do and maybe we will see it in future firmware upgrades.
I set my SA8300HD to output 720Pand 480P standard screen for SD. I guess my thinking is to keep everything progressive, as well as native. I did have it set to 1080i for a while, and I could not see any difference, at least on my display - HLR-5067W.
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