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Well, it's looking like that 58-inch will be within my price range. I can't see them stripping out Dolby Vision as both models were refereed to as their flagships at CES. I'm guess it'll come down to the number of LED zones. I'm alright with 288, that's still a massive leap over FALD sets of the past. I'm just happy I can finally own a local dimming set again instead of having to live with a edge lit.
I'm curious about pricing on the 58-inch model. It it's right, it might be my next TV. I'm assuming prices will be lower for the US release.
I've been considering picking up the 40-inch model of this as a bedroom set.
Page 1 of the gamer handbook states when shopping for a television, never consider a Samsung flagship.
I'd still buy the 900b. HDMI 2.0 is too much to pass up.
Yeah, I'd take that article with a grain of salt. BGR isn't exactly know for their accuracy. They've posted a number of articles plagued with inaccuracies as well as titles that steer readers wrong.It makes no sense for Sony to release a new media format when they have historically used the PlayStation as the trojan horse to deliver new media. DVD's success was entirely attributed to the PlayStation 2 and Blu-ray got its initial success from the PlayStation 3. New...
Their 2013 model looked quite stunning in the store, but I was turned off by the significant motion blur that was also reported in reviews. The price is right on these sets, but I'm always hesitant on buying a Samsung television simply based upon the fact they aren't exactly known for having the greatest input lag numbers.
These aren't TV's you're going to find in a Costco or Sams Club.
I wouldn't even remotely base a judgement of their latest top tier television based upon that set. That set was your standard edge lit LED setup, their new set is using full array local dimming. It's also the first Toshiba TV in a long time to use components designed in house rather than being sourced from the outside.
What did you think of the Toshiba? I have a feeling out of all the local dimming sets, Toshiba's is going to be the one I can afford and it seems to have gotten some great impressions around here. Plus, I'm happy it's 58-inches. I truthfully don't need anything larger in my place.
New Posts  All Forums: