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I know there are services out there with DVR's, such as TIVO, or cable. I currently have cable. But, the cable company or TIVO charges a monthly fee for using the DVR. I want to buy a DVR with a built in TV tuner preferably that I can just buy, and not have the monthly fee. Then I either save some coin on cable and not have their upgraded box, and plug the cable box into it, or plug an antenna into it. I know there are other solutions, such as builting a HTPC and...
I was hoping to see 11.2 with these receivers, and it looks like the TX-NR1008 is not much of an upgrade from the TX-NR1007. Glad I got the 1007!
Upper Saddle River, NJ (6/29/10) — Onkyo, a world-renowned innovator in home entertainment, has announced the release of two new high-end network A/V receivers, the TX-NR5008 and TX-NR3008, that offer a wide range of the most up-to-date and user-friendly home theater features, and have achieved THX® Ultra2 Plus™ certification. Both receivers support network audio streaming, various multi-room set-ups, iPhone/iPod playback over USB, and fully immersive, 3D-compatible home...
There must be a delay, since it was supposed to be out in April. It still seems worth the wait.
I think only time will tell if 3D is only a fad. I can tell you that 3D has been a fad in the past. back in the early 80's Jaws was done in 3D. But I do not recall previous 3D fads being supported by manufacturers selling 3D compatible products like tv's and blu-ray players. and unlike the past, I would think we have the technology to make it happen. but.....it could still be a fad.
If it only had networking, but that would probably kill the 708. I am guessing networking will make it into the 609 next year.
Good advise! Good subs can be expensive, so once you have one you may not want to upgrade. But a good sub will make a huge difference. If you are limited in space, check out SVS. They make cylinder subs that have a small footprint.
No exact date yet that I am aware of, but believe it to be early April.http://stereowiseplus.com/2010/03/on...ready-thx.html The tx-sr708 or tx-nr708 should be announced in August with the tx-nr808, is my guess. I'm still betting the 708 gets networking, and the 808 gets 9.2.
One of the reasons I went with the TX-NR1007 was for the dual Aureas 32bit processors. But I have never used it for gaming. I know the 607, and also the 608, is a single chip. If you are a big gamer, you may need to go further up the line as I would think the dual chips would help.
Nice! If we could only see the back. I'd like to learn more about the PC input. Is it a network/internet connection?
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