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Both I, Robot and Titanic were shot in Super35, so theoretically the top and bottom can be opened up without losing much information on the sides. I, Robot, though, is listed on imdb as using a Digital Intermediate (2K) (master format). I would assume it doesn't fare as well as Titanic because it's the intermediary being cropped rather than the original film due to only the intermediary including the fx shots.
Does anyone know if this will play mp4 video from an hfs+ external hard drive? The manual only references flash drives.
I have two external WD drives, a 500GB and a 1TB. Both were formatted HFS+ with Macdrive to work with the Xbox 360, then a Popcorn Hour. When connected to the WD TV, it displays "unrecognized USB drive." From reading through this thread, I cannot find any reason these drives shouldn't be recognized. Am I missing something?
I just bought this today, although it won't be in until Thursday. Has anyone tried the NFL Shop rebate with this set? I heard that it's not one of the listed models, but all I see is that the TV must be over $1000. Also, since this set is now almost an entire year old, does anyone think that there will be a new model in the spring that is significantly better for a similar price? Are plasmas improving much these days?
They moved the digital channels. ABC is 2.1, CBS is 5.1, NBC is 26.1, and FOX is 86.13. I'm not sure why they changed them or why WLUK doesn't follow the (somewhat easier) pattern.
There are just as many players out there as when Paramount announced the titles. I, for one, was looking forward to both Sweeney Todd and There Will Be Blood as the last two titles I would buy on the format. I'm not saying that they owe me the movies, but I am disappointed that they aren't going to follow through on their release announcements.
It may be laid out fine, but it's very confusing to use. Coming from an SD Avia disc, I was lost as to which patterns were useful for which adjustments, because the disc leaves it up to the user to determine such things. I was able to find some documentation online, and after parsing an enormous pdf file for the small amount of relevant information I needed, I made some minor adjustments. I thought about using it again after purchasing a new tv over the holidays, but I...
He just needs a video card with video in to capture vhs. After that, there are many methods of converting to DVD, or h.264 for ipod. Check out http://www.videohelp.com/
You're not getting all of the pixels available on an HD DVD anyway using a Sanyo Z4. If you ever upgrade your equipment, can filmmakers return to using 2.35:1?
There are still some 4:3 films ... Gus Van Sant's Elephant comes to mind. It seems that most filmmakers prefer wider ratios because the width allows for a more immersive viewing experience. Does that address your point?
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