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You are confusing frame rate with refresh rate. What the manual refers to as fps is actually refresh rate. TruMotion refers to 120hz tvs and without TruMotion refers to 60hz tvs. See this link:http://www.redbearinc.com/LG/pdf/Real_Cinema.pdf
RealCinema controls 3:2 pulldown TruMotion controls MEMC The two are separate and unrelated other than both require a 120hz panel.
I have a brand new LG BP220 bluray player hooked up to my LG 47LH40 TV via HDMI. After using the bluray player for a couple hours (regardless if I'm playing from disc, usb or network) and I switch back to antenna input on the TV, the audio will be crackling and out of sync with the video. Audio from the bluray player continues to work fine without any issue. Unplugging and replugging the HDMI cable, antenna cable or bluray power cable (no ground plug) does not affect...
You can download the manual here which shows supported codecs and what the menu looks like.http://www.lg.com/us/support-product/lg-BP220
I purchased a BP220 from a local retailer and so far it works great. I only use it to play discs and DLNA however, so I can't speak about the other features.
BP720 - DLNA, WiFi, 3D, Magic Remote BP620 - DLNA, WiFi, 3D BP520 - DLNA, WiFi Ready, 3D BP420 - DLNA, 3D BP320 - DLNA, WiFi BP220 - DLNA BP120 - Base Model
He just plugged it in.
I had a similar problem on another LG and they came and replaced the main board.
I am one month out of warranty and LG customer service won't help me. When powering on the TV the right half will have bars and the image will be smeared and look dim. This will last from several seconds to several minutes then the screen will blink once and everything looks normal again.
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