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Sorry, I meant to say that Redbox is renting out downconverted copies (I realize Lionsgate etc. are the ones who are providing handicapped rentals to Redbox).My Redbox (Canada) rental of Hunger Games 2 had a movie-only size of ~17-20GB if I remember correctly. I am dead-certain it was under 25GB because I remember thinking a BD-25 disc for such a long movie was odd. My retail version has a movie-only size of ~35 GB with DTS-HD MA, and ~30GB with DTS only. That's my...
If Redbox explicitly stated they are downconverting video and removing audio tracks from the blu-ray rental, I'd be ok with that. I think that's the general consensus of this thread in the first place.In my case, as a Redbox newbie, I rented Hunger Games 2 as my first rental, and got Katniss-shafted.
After taking into account the size of the lossless audio track, Hunger Games 2 definitely has downconverted video on the rental version.
I agree.Let's not forget that for The Hunger Games Catching Fire, not only is DTS-HD MA missing, but the video bitrate was also downconverted to fit on a BD-25.
The Redbox version of Gravity has DTS-HDMA but the movie is only ~17GB. This seems smaller than it should be. I had a similar experience with Hunger Games 2 (rental version had a lower bit rate than retail). If anybody here has a retail copy of Gravity, can you comment on the movie size?
Since nobody answered my original question, I took a chance and rented it. Lossless is present, for those interested.
Can anybody comment on Superman Man of Steel and whether it has lossless audio at Redbox?
I just rented my copy of Hunger Games Catching Fire from a Redbox kiosk. DD 5.1 sound @ 640kbps only. Go figure … it's my first Redbox rental ever … not impressed. EDIT: from a Redbox in Canada
Have a quick look at my sig. My Seymour screen frame is also aluminum.In my setup, I installed magnets on (1) the side walls of the shadow box, (2) on the masking panels, and (3) in the wall above and below the screen frame. Neodymium magnets will be strong enough even if you can only install it in (1) and (2) as long as they are big enough magnets (they are VERY strong).The nap of the black velvet does get flattened though (where the magnets adjoin) but it's barely...
I used rigid foam insulation and magnets for mounting.
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