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Hey Zombie, Can you pm me or post a link to where I can buy the ZD201's? Thanks man!
Was all set to get the 3313CI until I saw this deal. Coudn't pass it up, only 9 left folks!!
I would like to know this as well.
I've been using this 30ft 22AWG CL2 Standard HDMI cable from Monoprice for the past 3 years with no problems at all. Everything works and looks beautiful (2D, 3D, etc).
I agree, while the 3D is quite good the movie is flat out boring. Nothing at all what I expected.
I had the exact same problem with a Model C 2.8 159" screen that I just bought a few months ago. YES Da-Lite still have a few of them in stock. I got mine 5 months ago drop shipped directly from them. Well after about two weeks I started to notice that about 1/5 of the top of the screen had developed a dark shade stretching all the way across the screen horizontally. Man was unhappy and just thought that I had a defective screen and that I would just live with it then...
I've seen the W6000 and own the X10. I would say that it would be a pretty good upgrade. It's not quite as sharp as my X10 but it's much brighter and has better blacks. But the Infocus has better OOTB natural colors. Your N81 is a notch better then my X10 so keep that in mind. I purchased and returned the LCD Panny 7000. It's picture is just way to soft for my personal taste. The Panny had much much better blacks but my Infocus has MUCH better pop, natural colors,...
I agree with more pop out. Depth is great and most all 3D movies have plenty of it but not nearly the same amount of pop. I want more pop!!! I can't wait til the picture can go outside the frame/border of the TV or projector.
Zombie 10K, Do you experience any eye fatigue on the Epson 5010? I would think the BenQ W7000 would be the better choice if this is a concern. When I briefly had the Panny 7000, I got some eye fatigue that I never had experienced with my Acer H5360. Thoughts?
That would be great if we can get this projector to work with the Nvidia 3D vision as I have 5 pairs of glasses!
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