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Thanks for the first impressions everyone. Can someone post pictures of the 3D glasses?
We should know more about how the glasses preform soon. As already mentioned, Projector Central is working on a review now and expects to have it posted by the end of next week.
Are you going to be adding the new Acer 9500 to your calculator? I may just get the w7000 anyway and mask my screen.
Would love to get the w7000 but I don't have the throw distance to fill my 159" HP screen. I have the most of 17.4ft, your calc says I need 18.10 ft. No I can't tilt screen, it's a pull down. I just got the HP screen about two or three months ago so I don't want to downsize. I'm running out of options.
Well congrats you've finally convinced me. This projector is officially off my list. I'm so disappointed I can't use this projector. Oh well, you guys can take my name off the preorder list.
I appreciate you dissecting the owners manual and warning potential buyers about it's placement limitations but I completely disagree with the above statement. I've been tilting and using keystone correction with my Acer for the past few months and 3D looks and works just fine. In fact it looks just as good as it did before I got the HP screen. I had my Acer ceiling mounted (no tilting or keystone used) for 7 months.
No I have not and I will admit my reply was a bit brassy, but from the projectors I have observed (RS20, RS40, hw30, w6000, X10, N82, a few others), the DLPs had better sharpness, detail and pop. Especially the Infocus projectors I've seen.
I'm sure the Benq will be no match against the JVC as far as deep blacks are concerned. But the JVC will be not match in terms of sharpness, detail and punch. Which is more important to you?
I really wish Infocus would come back into the game. My X10 has the same lens as the IN81,IN82 and IN83 and it is RAZOR sharp. I wonder how the W6000, W7000 and HC7800D would compare. Very sad for me indeed. Well I will just stick with my original plan to get the 7800D, tilt, use keystone and be happy.
Crap!! This projector is perfect for most HP owners but unfortunetly it will not work with my setup due to its long throw. To fit my 159" HP screen it needs to be back 18.9 feet which I don't have. The farthest I can go back is 17 feet!
New Posts  All Forums: