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Yea somebody has to pay the bills.So here's some more impressions, 2d looks absolutely stunning with tons of detail and pop and motion is silky smooth. I think this is the projector to get if you are a previous DLP owner like me. Sharpness is just stunning with RC set to minimum and MPEG set to low. Black levels are very good, not as good as the JVC RS40 I demo'd but very nice overall. A huge upgrade for me coming from a Infocus X10. The 3D is very good as well. With...
Just received my HW50 today! Didn't have much time to play with it but can confidently say that it has PERFECT convergence and focus. Didn't need to make any adjustments. That makes me very excited!!! Was able to check out about 5 minutes of Avatar in 3d and didn't have any problem with buzzing or glasses losing sync. Projector is shelf mounted. The image was very sharp (RC on 30) and bright on my 159" HP and was some of the best 3d I've seen. Had to leave for work...
Ordered this today should be here by Friday. Anyone wanna share there best mode settings for Reference or should I just use the ones from projector reviews?
I got mine from JoAnns about 3 years ago. I believe this is it. It's very very black and does an outstanding job of absorbing the light. It's a bit pricy but JoAnns is always running 50% coupons off their fabrics.
+++ 1000This made a Gigantic increase in my room.
I spent all day today demoing the 6020 vs the hw50 at 3 different stores and I'll be purchasing the Sony hands down. I found 2d on the Sony to be far superior then the Epson. And that's with RC off. Setting it to 10 I was blown away. It was just as sharp as my Infocus X10 but with much better contrast and amazing blacks. I thought the blacks and contrast were better on the Sony and found the overall picture just looked much much better to my eyes. Unfortunately I...
I find it very troubling that so many here seem to hate and bash the 5020. Is it really that bad of a projector? I have a 159 inch HP screen and was all set on getting the Epson because I want all the light I can get, but after reading so many comments on how much better the Sony is I'm about to go crazy! I just don't understand it. The 5020 reviews are stellar, even our projector guru Zombie seems to love it and think both are great. I mainly watch movies but my wife...
Selling new BenQ W1070 and pair of 3DTV Corp 3D Glasses. Projector was purchased brand new and only has 55 hours on bulb. Comes with all original packaging and contents including the two 3D glasses. Shipping anywhere in US but would prefer local pickup. Payments will be done via Paypal unless picking up locally. I'm in Arlington TX. Thanks for looking. Update** This has been SOLD. Thanks to all of you who took interest!
I put my order in early December. Per my rep, hoping to have glasses next week, we'll see I guess.+1I wish I new about he refurbs ebay was selling. The IN83 would be a steal for under 1K considering it retailed for 6K.
The Smart Eco feature works flawless on my unit and adds more contrast, punch and depth to the picture. Combine Smart Eco with Brilliant Color set to ON the picture looks outstanding to my eyes. To each his own. The ones I ordered have P/N of 5J.J7K25.001. Should have them next week. Maybe it's a typo on the W1070 info sheet. Benq's website also shows 5J.J7K25.001 for the D3s.
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