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I'm using the 3DTV Corp glasses for now until my Benq D3's come in (about a week). The 3DTV glasses work very well but unfortunately they don't eliminate all the red flash. I don't really notice it unless I look to the side.
I received my w1070 two days ago and thought I'd give my first impressions. I'm going to be using this projector for 70% movies and 30% games. It's connected to my HTPC via my Denon 3312ci. I have a nVidia 460 GTX and use XBMC and TMT5 for 3D playback. All my 2D movies are M2TS files and my 3D movies are ISO files. My previous projectors are an Infocus X10, Acer 5360 and Panny 7000. I've also demo'd in my home a JVC RS40 and Benq w6000. I have a 159" HP screen. The...
Bought mine from NCIX, ended up only costing $879.89 US dollars (free shipping). Scheduled delivery is for this Wednesday. Will also post impressions.
I don't see in on NCIX US Ordered $905.98 USD using FedEx Express Saver USA Can't wait!!!
Thanks for the first impressions, hopefully motion will be better with my Benq D3 glasses. How does the black levels compare to your old w7000? What about the brightness?
That is a good price but judging by the site and only 3 reviews, I don't know if I would trust them. I'm waiting for it to show up on Amazon, hopefully by the end of the month.
B&H has a nice price on them for $78.95. I picked up two
I look forward to you impressions and comparison to the w7000.
Can anyone post a link to where I can buy the new Benq 3D glasses?
Are there any w7000 owners in the Dallas area willing to give me a demo?
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