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hello all, just did the setup last night for my new RV-X3900. My old reciever was a 6.1 system and currently I have my spearker setup that way. When I did the "Quick Start Auto Setup" it would only recognize a 5.1 system (kept giving me a Err=04). I know how the speaker wires are supposed to be plugged in for a 6.1, but how to I make the receiver know that I want 6.1. Thought it would just see it automatically, but no dice. Do I do it in the "Basic Setup" area where...
Actually I did decide on the RV-X3900. Just got it this week, but like you have not set it up yet. I am waiting for 2 new HDMI cables to come from monoprice.com. Hopefully will get them soon. I can't wait!!! Yes, if you figure you any tips while setting up please let me know and I will do the same.
FYI, returned original version...There was definitely something wrong with it...Cause the new version that I got seems to be working great! (knock on wood). Guitar is working perfectly and same with the drums. I did order the cable so that I can calibrate the drums if need be.
Oh gotcha. I am going to bring the kit back tomorrow, I will order the cable tomorrow night. Thanks!
Thanks for the input! I literally jsut bought this set last week...So it was should have been brand new. But I can try and exchange it for a new set if you think that might fix the problem. PIA to bring it back to BB though :-) That cable they give you to "fix" the sensitivity takes 90 days! What am I supposed to do in the mean time if the new kit breaks? Can I just get a midi-to-usb cable from ebay? Or is it a special one? Yes, I get that "squeaking" on my...
What's up all, I bought GH: WT last week and loved it...Then last night I was plauged by the same problems that everybody else is having... Red Drum Pad not responding...Found the "popsicle stick" fix. I like it, going to do that tonight. But after the drums stopped working, I tried the guitar for the first time on WT. I was getting A LOT of phantom strums in the beginning of the first song...it seem to calm down by itself about half way through that song.. I am...
My neighbor had these Bose Speakers hooked up to his old yamaha reciever so the connections on the cubes should be ok. The sub has normal speaker wire...I added banana plugs to ends and that is how they are currently hooked up to my onkyo receiver.
Thanks for the input! Right now I have Bose Cube speakers for the surrounds and my original onkyo center channel and subwoofer. I am planning on buying new speakers soon, but will those be ok with either reciever? Thanks again!
Thanks very much!
Thanks for the Reply and code. I will be buying the reciever (either one) from your store. Great prices! Any reason why you like the Yamaha more?
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