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PLEASE help me make the decision! I am about to "pull the trigger" and buy, but I keep going back and forth between the Yamaha RX-V3900 and the Denon 4308ci. I can find both a basically the same price so that is not an issue. I have the following: Samsung DLP (LED) Tivo S3 Xbox 360 PS3 (for BR watching) They both seem to have the same options except for it looks like no "Wi-Fi" on the 3900, just ethernet. My neighbor has an OLD yamaha and I LOVE the sound...
I bought RB first and loved it...Now I am playing RB2, and still love it! But I REALLY want the GH: WT drum kit, cause like you said it is more realistic. The RB/RB2 tour play is way better that GH. I just don't understand why they aren't selling the game + drum kit as a package for people who already have 2 guitars fromj GH 3! It is just pissing me off, but I am sure it has something to do with making people buy the whole band just to get the drums!
Thanks! I am not so much worried about the drums since there seems to be a fix (cheesy but it works). But from what I hear about the guitar the new "touch pad" on the neck doesn't work at all...and if that doesn't work then there is no reason to get it since I already have 2 GH 3 guitars. Thanks again!
What's up all, am thinking about buying GH: WT tonight, but was wondering if they fixed the issues that where happening when it first came out. I know there is a fix for the drums if I get a messed up set, so not to worried about that. Is the guitar still all messed up? Thanks very much!!!!
$120 for a 120 would be good...I would pay that. Thanks!!!
Slordak I did see that, but I don't think the 60 gig is out yet...and I want it NOW :-) lol mboojigga, thanks I will check that...that would be GREAT!
yeah makes sense
Thanks for the reply! Damn it!!! Thought I would get away with something cheap. 20gig for $80 is a rip off! oh well, may be I will go with the refurbed version.
What's up all, Well at least it is not the "Red Rings of Death"... My 360 HDD crapped the bed last night. Was going to go out and buy a new Xbox 20gig, but was wondering if I can just use a normal USB external HDD? If so, any recommendations? If not, I don't mind but a new 360 hdd. Thanks!!!
Probably because they made extra sure those demo sets were ok...and now the "Mass Produced" versions are of different quality. I like to say thanks to all of you that, unforunately, found these problems. Sorry that it happen, but you definitely saved me a trip. I was going to go out and buy it tonight, but am going to wait until after xmas. Hopefully they will have v2 of the drum kits out and they will work. I was reading somewhere that the ION set would only work...
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