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You may find it difficult to integrate a soundbar with the Airmotiv's so I would stick with a sub only. You want a decent sub that will play more than one note. So listen to the sub first if you can or be sure you can return it for a full refund.
You have to set the speakers to "small" and the crossover frequency that you want the Oppo to use. Generally 80 Hz is a good default but trial and error is the name of the game. So is placement of the sub relative to the speakers. Try different placements and see which gives you the best sound at the listening position. Let your ears be your guide.
I don't know the answer to your question about the two sub outs on the P5 but if you've downloaded the user's manual and still aren't sure, you may want to send an email to Parasound. They are customer friendly and do respond to emails.
Same here. You do have to be careful to work the locking bananas to be sure they are really locked and won't slip out. Also, since they are considerably longer than many banana plugs, that could be an issue in some situations.I would think BJC would replace a defective speaker cable such as that. Of course, it is a nuisance to have something like that happen but in my experience, I have been completely satisfied with them.
The answer probably depends on what you plan to use them for. If mainly music, I think you will like the A21 on your front L/R. If mainly movies then you will save space and money with a one box solution. I own both the A21 and A51 and I prefer the A21 when listening to music.
In that case you may want to look into a balanced splitter.
Well you could use both the RCA and XLR outputs simultaneously to run two subs.
I am using the P7 with the Oppo BDP-95 analog outs and am very happy with the combination. Only you can decide if the Audyssey is important to you. I decided on acoustic treatments to deal with room effects. I am happy with the results.
No, but you might want to contact Parasound customer service. You will be sure to get a reply from them. Do share with us what you find out.
Vacuum the top of the chassis vigorously and often and hopefully not too much cat fur will get too far down into the amp itself. The heat sinks and the openings on the top of the chassis work together to keep the amp cool and functioning longer. Personally I would not let a cat near any of my gear. My gear is too dear to me but then we all live in different situations.
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