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Thanks for the info, that's good to hear. Was checking on here and TGB the last couple of days.
That Jay just doesn't add much to the show for me, not sure why. I don't recall even seeing Jay and Seth in a skit on the finale together. Maybe I just forwarded through the part with Jay subconsciously.
This weeks episode with the Coast Guard rescue on the Wizard was impressive. That kind of stuff is tragic to the people it happens to, but it is amazing to watch these guys fly out to a ship, drop down on a wire, get the patient and fly off to the hospital like it's a routine ambulance run.
This episode was a total turnaround from last week's Will Ferrell disaster episode. Jagger was great performer all around, nice bit at the end to say goodbye to Kristen and others. That Californians bit didn't really do it for me, although I didn't notice Steve Martin right way. The bit with Al Sharpton was hilarious...going on about a Salmon Canary with fins and wings even though he was supposed to be talking about a salmon cannery. One of their best.
I thought they were showing Cruz having something like anxiety or a panic attack. And I thought it was triggered by him seeing Jackie dressed nicely in a skirt, maybe because he has feelings for her.I thought the episode was good, and the reveal at the end about Jackie being Charlies rehab buddy worked well. Even though Cruz had told Jackie earlier that "Home is home, work is work", those things seem to be mixing together.
I just meant that the season became so boring and predictable after he left, and having a character that acts like he did brings discourse and conflict to the game, which makes it more interesting.
It seems the names of the three have already been released. Unfortunately, no Colton this time. They are:Mike Skupin from AustraliaJonathan Penner from Cook Islands and MicronesiaRussell Swan from Samoa
I didn't think this week was that good. Eli wasn't good reading his lines. The EA Sports skit wasn't that funny, the What Is This game show was bad, the Cheech & Chong on TCM bit was weak, the drag queen show was sad, and the Swedish talk show was just terrible. The funny parts were the opening Fox & Friends, Eli in court with the text messaging, the Little Brothers skit, the Tanning Mom during the news, and Sasha Cohen with Marty. I forwarded right through Rihanna, and...
I know the kid with the green hair is Bobby Cannavale's son in real life. Is the character of the kid also his son in the show?
I wonder if this means they are cancelling COPS?*Found my answer:http://www.vulture.com/2012/04/fox-i...k-on-cops.html
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