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Sorry, been traveling and not much online. Should have remembered there's nothing new under the sun, or in this forum either. Next time I'll search first. The wireless connections are working, just slow and occasionally cause a buffering problem with video streaming sites. But sounds like I shouldn't open that can of worms -- just leave well enough alone and return the switch.
I'm running a direct connection to my 2112 from my router right now without any issues. I want to add a gigabit switch so I can also hardwire the BD player and a Logitech Google TV box, which are both on the network wirelessly now. Are there any issues/problems with putting the 2112 behind a switch?
Thanks. Will try that tonight and keep my fingers crossed.
My 2112 has been performing without any real problems for a few months, then suddenly last night it would not pass on the cable box signal received through the HDMI input. Actually the TV reported no signal and I could not even get the Denon menu to display with that input. Connecting the cable box (Cisco/Comcast) HDMI output directly to the TV worked. The BD player through the 2112 worked. Even tried swapping HDMI inputs between the BD and cable box and could see the BD...
Thanks for the quick answer. Picked up the sub setting from the guide, just was unsure of the other crossover numbers. The MultiEQ XT really does a nice job. Glad I sprang for the extra $$ for the 2112. All in all, gotten a lot of good advice on this thread. Thanks to you all.
Sorry, but I'm less than sure about crossovers and the Aud. setup and I couldn't find an answer searching the thread. After running it per the great instructions here, I get the following crossover settings: Front 60Hz, center 120Hz, surrounds 150Hz. Is that right? Do I need to manually change them? Fronts are Axiom M22s, surrounds Mirage Omnisats and center a Cambridge that I don't remember the model number for.
As suggested, turned the 2112 off (standby actually) and back on, and I had AirPlay on both iPad and iPhone with network standby turned off. Turned network standby back on and now we'll see if that's causing the problem.
Thanks. I'll see if that works when I get home. This isn't my first AVR, but it is my first networked one and first Denon. The learning curve is steep and the manual not too helpful, but this site certainly is -- browsing it I just found out that I had to turn on Network Standby if I wanted to be able to turn on the unit from the iPhone app. Actually after I turned on Network Standby, that's when the AirPlay icon disappeared. Got to keep a sense of humor about this stuff.
Did that fix the AirPlay problem permanently? I finally got AirPlay working with my iPhone and iPad the other day only by switching the receiver to Net/USB, but today I no longer get the AirPlay icon on either no matter what the input. I hope this isn't like my old DSL router that had to be hard reset every other day.
There have been a few firmware updates over the past few months. Every time the player updates the firmware, Netflix will require you to reactivate with a code. In between updates, though, it stays activated, at least for me. I don't access the other online vendors, so don't know it that's true for the others or just specific to Netflix.
New Posts  All Forums: