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Yes, that looks like it could do the job. Does anyone know how many timer programs I can have in there? I downloaded the manual, and it doesn't describe how many timers can coexist at once.
looks like the rs only supports 1 event to be programmed at a time... pretty funny stuff!! any other options other than the sony? hard to imagine no other remotes that have timer programs... but I guess it's not really useful other than in such limited circumstances as I find myself LOL ;-)
the radio shack remote looks like it could do the trick!
yes, if only it were so easy. The local cable co does not have a DVR, nor do they have a guide available... so yes, I could buy an old TiVO and manually record, but I have a box that can record the output on channel 3, I just need to change the STB channel. I think the sony touch remotes with macro timers will work.
I'm looking for a remote that can change an analog cable box with timer macros - looks like this device is the only one out there than can change "at 8pm to channel 29", so I can use a DVR/DVD recorder in a location where there are no timers for the STB. Does anyone use this remote for that purpose ? (I believe I read it's limited to 8 macro timers) Anything I should know before buying it? Any alternatives? Thanks - Scotty
Hi all, Quick background - I'm moving temporarily into the Caribbean, and the cable system there is using antiquated equipment from the early 90s. Scientific Atlanta 8600/8610 boxes without timers and only RF in/out. I'm looking to use a DVR/DVD recorder to timeshift and need to find a way to change the set top box at X time to Y channel. (analog only). I'm wondering if anyone here can recommend a remote, older or newer that can simply be set to change the channel at...
Once I have verified what sort of signal is coming direct via the RF, I'll let everyone know... a Plan B, if that mysterious box doesn't materialize would be appreciated!!
Good point. I'll ask them to do that ASAP just to verify that the company co is not full of it... although the person there I spoke to, is their head technician. But, yes, $5 a box per month is their justified desire to push 'em. So, am I on track, otherwise, by noting that without the 2nd output via RCA, that I'm out of luck in terms of changing the channel the DVDR records, unless I am physically changing the STB myself?
The issue here re: US mandates, is that this is not in the US, but the Caribbean, so, they're a good 10 years behind it seems like. Hopefully I can get a box with the RCA output too...failing that, the "ch.3" thing that Wajo mentions still has me fuzzy -- you can tell I've lived with satellite for waaaay too long -- the DVDR is going to see what the STB outputs on Channel 3, but to timeshift to another channel/time, the DVDR cannot change the channel, only the STB, right?...
Hi Wajo, Here's a new wrinkle -- for "special cases" they have "special SA 8600 boxes with RCA outputs + RF"... how I get one of those is anyone's guess, but before I start prepping my organs for trade, will using the RCA output of the STB to the DVDR on a line input be my solution?
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