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There are worse songs out there, by Rush but mostly by others...
You'd think... , at this point I'd take Tai Shan in surround..
I really wish they'd release their entire catalogue, start to finish a la Genesis, even though Genesis got it wrong with the Live box. I can only dream of hearing the layered guitars in the The Necromancer all around me..
cmchen0, if you have the time (and patience) I'd just wait until one comes for sale. It took me a while to find my Focals through the used market. Couldn't be happier...
I'm a long time reader/infrequent poster. I just bought some Diva Utopias so now I really have a mixture of speakers... - Diva's up front - Electra CC900 Center - Totem Mites in the back (used infrequently) - no sub ... and a pair of Electra 936s collecting dust until I can sell them!
No one has heard or used this preamp?
I just purchased one of these to replace my old Sony ES Receiver (with preamp outs). Sits beside really, I use the Sony for surround still. I have yet to plug the Sony into the Cary for surround sound capability, 90% of my listening is 2 channel, when I want to listen in surround sound I swap cables right now. I'm using an Anthem MCA50, for amplification, and JM Lab Electra 936s. Denon DVD5900 as a source right now. I'm very happy with the sound of the Cary,...
I think Bryston makes one as an option as well in one of their integrateds.
DR AIX, I have yet to purchase a product from you. I do want Guitar Noir as well, just haven't got off my duff yet. The first artist I thought of when I heard of your discs is Don Ross (http://www.gobyfish.com/Home.html). His music would be perfect for quality 2 ch solo guitar. It would be interesting to hear solo guitar in 5.1! Call him up, see if you can make a deal. If you can I'll be first in line to buy one.
Well, I'm not an owner. I want to be one though. I almost bought a used P7, though it was just out of my price range so for the time being I've "settled" on a Cary C306. I haven't received it yet but am looking forward to hearing with my JM Labs. I still want that P7 by the way ...
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