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My June 13th pre-order just shipped from Amazon
Yes, plenty of time for some good sparring
Yeah that last one was a bear, it took way longer than I thought. At least we finally got the win!Oh and don't think I didn't see your revenge comment on the previous page, son. I've got a blade with your name on it if you decide to start shooting me in the face again, BF3 style
I'll be waiting for the PS4 version.
1. LordXarsNexus - PS3/PS4 - CST 2. Lodolfan16- PS3/PS4 - EST 3. Guttahhh - PS3/PS4 - CST
Mine's in my sig. I created a new account for PS+ so none of you guys have this one - feel free to add me.
Heheh... snoipers.
I'm curious about this as well. My Live membership just lapsed, so I may sell my 360's now and wait on XB***
This is who I pictured narrating that clip. "Uhh, um..." "Windmill or whatever these things are called..."
Me knifing you, you shooting me out of the sky (or headshotting me)... all's fair in love and BF4
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