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Well tried to look for new update, but just got the info that have latest version already. (In Finland)
Hi, I live in a high-rise apartment building in Finland (built 2005). I live on the first floor with neighbors on both sides and above me. The sound isolation is done according to standards and it's good. I got my PB13 in May and so far there hasn't been any problems. OK - I don't like to listen loudly. (Even movie theaters are too loud for me) But I didn't get the PB13 for it's pressure capabilities - I got it so could reach lower. But the main advantage has definitely...
Where do the human fit? (So that isn't deaf in a nanosecond)
Look at the first post in this thread (on page 1 )
Updated mine 3808 a week ago already. (Live in Finland)Been working fine.Just looked at my numbers and they the same as in the reported case from GermanyJust as FYI...
All of us don't order/get Stereophile magazine. (And here in Finland finding it isn't that strait forward...)
Ok - THX for the clarification. Luckily I live in the first floor and under my floor is ca. 40 cm of gravel (to protect our in house bomb shelter) before the hollow-core concrete slab. So I haven't noticed that the sound would travel in the walls. (Though I just might be in the blind spot to detect any...) No matter what, but had PB10 for 2½years before PB13 - and so far no complaints about the noise from my neighbors. (My guests is another story... )
I too live in a high rise house apartment and got my PB13 Ultra a month ago.Normally I would have neither considered having a sub (of this caliber), but as this is a new house (built 2005), it's very good in sound isolation to neighbors. (Rule in Finland is that on all frequencies it is to be 40 dB noice reduction between apartments)And in my house this is so very true - sound isolation is just great So PB13 Ultra became an option for me - as I do prefer sound levels below...
It shut's itself down when it should connect the main speakers on, or? Had the same problem in my unit and had to take to repair. In my case a couple of resistors had broken that had to be changed. (Spare parts costed mabe a euro or two - but the work to find the problem and fix it was over 100 eur. ) Luckily have gotten a new amp instead and sold my old amp, after it was fixed.
OK - nice...Audyssey I've understood that Audyssey is the tool for auto calibration and that in normal day-to-day use it's not utilized. Am I wrong?
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