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Kal, CD, Yes, I keep the volume on the SBT and all volume controls in iTunes (whether it matters or not) on 100%. I understand that bits are lost otherwise. Volume control is done with the system. CD, I will PM you shortly, would like your input on DAC recommendations... Thanks for your help, Brad
On my primary audio system (NAD/B&W 804S), I have listened mainly to vinyl for the past 3+ years. However, since I have do have my CD library in iTunes via Apple Lossless codec (about 900 albums), I went ahead and got a SB Touch to liberate my digital music when I don't want to fuss with record prep. Plus I have a lot of stuff on CD that I have yet to obtain on vinyl (and probably never will!) The problem is the sound quality...I must be used to that analog sound or...
Well did some additional research on this. Appears that Apple TV resamples everything to 16 bit/48khz. Since the Touch apparently outputs to native resolution it is the more flexible option. Looked at the detail of my Apple lossless files - all are 16 bit/44.1khz, which is what I have set the MIDI setting on my iMac to - so there should not be any conversion taking place with the Touch. Not that I can tell the difference between sample rates of 44.1khz and 48khz - just...
Just got my Touch hooked up to my main system, and it is working great. One thing nagging me though - since I use iTunes/Lossless exclusively, would I have been better off just getting an Apple TV and saving a few bucks? ATV handles lossless codec. Not concerned about the touch control, since I have an app on my Android phone to control from my listening position. The same type of app appears to be available for iTunes control as well. Appears that the ATV does a...
This appears to have done the trick. I can't believe I waited nearly two years to figure it out. Wait a minute, I'm lazy, yes I can!
I have the PS3 set to Automatic on this setting, which is to say not 24. Maybe I need to just turn it to OFF. Will try. Thanks!
Not sure if this issue has been covered, sorry if it has but there is just too much info on this thread! I have tried some of the alternate settings recommended, but have not found a solution. When I play PS3 Blu Ray movies, on motion scenes (mostly fast motion, but sometimes just standard panning) I get a series of wide horizontal lines that scroll up the screen. I tried to take a picture of it, you can see one line faintly at the bottom. On screen there are typically...
I am looking for a little more oomph for my B&W 804S, currently driven by a NAD T753 receiver (70W x 6). I would like to add a C272 for listening to stereo, with the T753 used as a pre/pro, but I am not sure how this works. 1. How exactly do you hook this up? 2. When listening to stereo, how do I ensure that I am getting all of the C272's power? 3. Does the receiver balance the power output when listening to multi channel?
Is this a Bose Lovefest? Am I on the right forum? Actually I'd spend $50 on them if I didn't have anything else around that could be used.
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