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Wonder how a D7000 plasma stands to a D8000 LED LCD...
Nice looking set, the current pricing and the beating of Panny to the large screen punch gives them a nice advantage this year.
Sounds like the D7000 is the one to buy. Very good pricing on them right now, and they really beat Panny to the punch on large screen availability.
Enjoy, I really like the big screen. My impressions so far: Vertical veiwing angle is my only real bitch, but once you get it tweaked, its nice I'm very surprised how sharp an image it has on Blu and good HD content Directv and locals do look a little worse, but thats compression showing when blown up this much 3D looks pretty good so far, and Im using the Mitsu IR glasses
No, that chart is with the CMS adjustment. In my experience, there are a few scenarios 1) CMS on set works perfectly and you make meter adjustments and let her be 2) CMS partially works but it not where it should be once adjusted with a meter, and still needs some eye tweaking with the flesh tone pattern on DVE 3) CMS does not work at all and things like 27% red of white, and the blue test pattern come in In short, just because you have a nice chart does not mean the color...
Several of us own the 2010 BD85, have the 93, and a new BDT110/210. IMO, unless you need SACD or some other rare thing the 93 does, save your money. The 110/210 are great players, and the 110 is hard to beat at under $150. Nothing about the Oppo is worth $350 more, unless as stated, you need it for something the Panny's dont do. Panny DVD upconversion has been very good since the 85u.
I have an ideal lume, but do not use it with this tv. It would be easy, if you could get the set a bit off the wall, and 3M velcro it to the lower flat portion of the back. I actually like it dark in the room with this set, with the small bezel it just looks like a screen in the dark.
I also bought my 73738 from Amazon, it was a very good shipment and delivery.
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