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My Roku 2 XS works great with both WiFi and wired ethernet connections (actually powerline ethernet). If I want to watch Youtube on it, I use the Plex Youtube channel. Roku says they are planning a Youtube channel for it, but it has been several months since they said that, so it may end up in the wastebin of broken promises.
Cinavia only functions when special code is included in the player to detect the embedded Cinavia signal and activate copy protection audio blocking. If Cinavia code was not included in software players, they would play Cinavia-infected discs and ripped videos just fine.
https://owner.roku.com/Account/ChannelCode/?code=FilmOn, or you can watch FilmOn on the Roku via Plex.
DVD Shrink 3.2 will always be able to decrypt any CSS-encrypted DVD that follows the standard. What it won't handle is any of the many DVD structure corruption schemes that were invented as copy protection measures in the years after the author discontinued development. DVDFab may be immune to the peculiar quirks of U.S. law, but how are they going to get paid when U.S.-based companies subject to U.S. law control the major methods of payment? Is everyone going to use...
As far as anyone knows the Chromecast shipped in other countries is identical except perhaps for packaging. However the Chromecast now has "Country Code" in its internal settings that you can see from the Chromecast app (set automatically by IP address location). That could be used to implement new geoblocking in apps. On the plus side it now supports 20 languages. You might need to update your Chromecast app to see the new settings. There might possibly be some...
Google released the Chromecast in Canada yesterday (March 18) and in the UK today (March 19). It's available with free shipping from Amazon, C$39 in Canada, GBP 30 in the UK. The BBC iPlayer app has a new Chromecast capability as of today as well.
"A New York federal court has granted the seizure of several domain names, bank funds and social media accounts belonging to DVD ripping software company DVDFab." "Judge Broderick also ordered several banks and payment providers to freeze or stop processing the company’s funds."Action not worth pursuing unless there's money involved.
I'm sure they did their research before picking a target. The main criteria would undoubtedly be that the company have some assets in the U.S. that they could target. Remember, the lawyers want to get paid.
The Android and iOS Plex apps cost $4.99, just like AllCast, but they go on sale occasionally for $1.99 (the last time was just a few weeks ago). Plex Media Manager for PC/Mac/Linux is free, and now includes free Chromecast capability from Plex Web.
Different products. Plex >> Allcast.
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