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I put this on the main thread a few weeks ago and just remembered to put it here. I'd like a way to specify for a folder to always be shown in a specific mode (thumbnail/list). Here's the scenario: I have a movies folder that I always want shown in thumbnail mode. I also have a tv episode folder that I always want shown in list mode as there are no thumbnails (think 20+ Dora's). I'd like to be able to set the default to one or the other, then, for example, have a...
One feature I'd like to see is the ability to have certain folders always show in a set type of view, regardless of what you select in the options. Here's my case: I have folders that have my kids shows that have been pulled off the tivo (Dora, Clifford, etc.) that I always want to show in list mode as I don't want to find a thumbnail of each episode. I also have folders with just DVD or BluRay files that I want to view thumbnails of the cover art/poster. What...
DanDaMan069 posted the aspect ratio for the thumbnails, but has anybody figured out what the approximate size the WD resizes to to display? I'd rather use photoshop, etc. to resize the images instead of having the WD do it.
I just saw in the new firmware release notes that one of the resolved issues is: Resolved issues surrounding drives going to "sleep" and folders showing as empty; previously drives equipped with a sleep feature would not re-initialize before the WD TV timed out and displayed the folders as empty. I'm hoping this fixes my problem, because I'd like the drive to go to sleep when not in use. I'm going to test the firmware today and I'll see how it goes.
I've got my wd unit hooked to a 750gb maxtor one-touch drive. If the unit has been powered off for a bit, it seems the hard drive eventually powers down or goes into standby (a function of the drive I'm assuming), but then when I power up the wd, it doesn't see the drive. The only way I can get it to see the drive again is to unplug/replug the usb cable. Anybody experience this and have a workaround?
The bitrates are about 1600
I'm taking the recordings off the moto over firewire with the firestb drivers and capdvhs. I couldn't tell you the bitrates right off, I'm at work right now. I was converting them using hdtv2mpeg2 to convert the transport streams to program stream with all the default settings.
I have some non-HD cartoons I've saved from my motorola dvr to my pc. The .ts files are roughly 300mb for a 20 minute cartoon. I want to burn these to dvd so my kids can watch them in the car on an upcoming road-trip. The problem I'm having is that when I convert these .ts files to mpeg2, they are coming out at over a gig each, so I can only fit maybe 3-4 20 minute shows on a dvd. How can I get more on there? -M
We're in the process of buying a new house, and we're thinking about going with a projector instead of the tube tv we've got. Problem is, the family room (unfortunately we don't have a theater room) has a sliding glass door on the west (left) side, and the back of the room is open to the kitchen, which also has windows on the west side. It's not feasible for us to block off the light, as we've got two toddlers that would continuously be opening up the curtains to go...
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