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Why not set config 1 to 200 and config 2 to some other value for comparison? I still believe in a value higher than 200.
I assumed he was playing with bass management after ARC was uploaded. Yes ARC will reset any changes made before upload of ARC,I don;t understand what yo are saying about ARC only correcting one speaker.Yes ARC doesn't not correct for phasing or polarity (or distance) These have to be done manually and can certainly have an impact on bass response. I assume that these were done before replacing the receiver and nothing had changed to affect this.
I agree, I wouldn't say never, but most times not. Positioning speakers is not changing ARC. Quick Measure is a very useful tool to help this and I agree speaker position is important to ARC and should be done. For people who do want to change crossovers or any other ARC setting it I would leave one of the configs as per ARC and change the other so that any differences in sound can be compared to make sure it going toward something better.Actually ARC doesn't try to...
He shouldn't be changing the crossovers in the menu as this will break the ARC solution. All changes, even though I don't recommend making them, should be done in the target window. then recalculate and upload. ARC has to know about the crossover setting to calculate a solution. The graphs won't tell us much as you've changed them in the menu.
What sound processing mode are you using? Are you using something that raises the 5.1 to 7.1? try using "none".
You can change the values in the target window and hit calculate and ARC will generate a result changing any crossovers to use the new solution. In 99% of the cases ARC has calculated the best result based upon the measurements of your speakers in your room.Should you wish to play with this I suggest changing either your music or movie config and leaving the other as per ARC. You can them swap back and forth and decide which is better. Don't forget to recalculate after...
I found that my jumper was loose through ARC.
Richard syndrome is where ARC has led to the discovery that there is a blown driver in the speaker. It could also point out that in some speakers that are made for biwiring, when a jumper is used it is loose and not making contact. Richard was a member where this was first discovered and now lives on is this forum.
Depending on your room you will likely hear a large difference to the better with ARC. If your room doesn't require much correction and is well treated then the difference will be more subtle. You'll likely end up running ARC a couple of times and using quick measure to place your speakers in between the full runs.
The answer to all your questions is yes.
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