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Anybody know how this stacks up to mits hc 3800. Mits is running fine but the 3d interests me. thanks
how much to 20170
thanks Ryan makes sense
Thanks Brian just the type of thing I was looking for. I assume your using the Mrx as a pre/pro. If I went the MRX route I cant afford any external amps so for me it would be a standalone avr vs the UMC with xpa 5. Thoughts?
Ryan i appreciate your help, have you owned any of these? If so I would like to know about bugs, sound quality etc. I know sound quality is subjective and it sounds to me like you are one of those who believes all amps sound the same however I know my Rotel sounds better than my friends 300.00 pioneer when hooked to my speakers. I am just looking for general impressions from those that have used these units.
thanks for responding I am really looking to hear opinions on these three perhaps from those who have compared them. I have B&W CM7 speakers if that helps any.
Just as the title states Im interested in hearing opinions on these three options assuming price is the same for all 3. Im replacing a Rotel 1057. Any feedback greatly appreciated. Thanks
Hi I just went and auditioned MRX 300. I was planning on buying today but was not blown away. Im coming from Rotel 1057 and the MRX sounded thin. Dealer could not tell me if ARC had been run or not. On a side note he told me new units come with the serial adapter is this true? Anybody go from a Rotel to this and can give some impressions
I own it no issues in the time Ive had it but be aware it does not do sound over hdmi.
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